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The Empower Listening and Learning Workshop Replay & Whole Body Listening/Regulation Bundle For Just $51 $37

What You'll Get in the 'Whole Body Listening Bundle' Bundle

Introducing the digital bundle of posters, handouts, activities, and worksheets designed to help children learn how their individual bodies listen. 


This bundle contains 30 pages of resources that can be printed and used with students or children. 


Whether you are a teacher, parent, or caregiver, this bundle is a must-have to support children in developing and building up their tool box for listening.

Finally, the bundle includes several writing and drawing practice pages to support children in expressing themselves and reflecting on what they have learned so they can understand and advocate for their needs.

This bundle is available in both colored and black-and-white versions, making it easy to print and use in any setting. With a range of activities and resources, this bundle is the perfect tool to help children develop their listening skills and become more mindful and engaged learners.

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"As the parent of a child who has difficulty navigating the world of unspoken social rules, I am delighted to have such a user-friendly tool." – Carrie Lindemuth