Workshop Replay for parents/caregivers and those who support families of neurodivergent kids & teens:

Practical Strategies to Boost Executive Functioning and Reduce Stress in Everyday Routines and Activities

*One-time payment of $37 & get life time access*

Here's important points we have covered in the workshop:

Executive functioning is not just for school, homework or academics!  

It impacts all aspects of life such as transitions, managing time, planning, developing meaningful relationships and completing tasks.  

If you’re navigating the complexities of supporting children with challenges in executive functioning and stress management, this workshop is designed for you.

Led by Elizabeth Sautter and Sarah Ward, experts in social-emotional learning (SEL) and executive functioning, this workshop will provide  you with practical strategies that can be seamlessly integrated into daily routines and activities, benefiting both you and the children you love and support.

*One-time payment of $37 & get life time access*

Workshop Replay Details:

What you'll Get:

Get this workshop for an opportunity to learn from specialists dedicated to fostering growth and resilience. Equip yourself with strategies that you can implement immediately, transforming your approach, and  empowering positive change in the children you care about and support.

*One-time payment of $37 & get life time access*