Make it Stick Parenting: Empowering Your Neurodivergent Child to Thrive

Supporting your child's social and emotional growth can be a natural part of your daily routine

This course provides a proven pathway for busy parents to help your neurodivergent (e.g., autistic/ADHD/LD/anxious/sensitive) child thrive.

We are here to make it simple and make it STICK!

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Does YOUR CHILD struggle with…

Do YOU struggle with …

You are not ALONE... We are here to help!

The Make it Stick Parenting Course

Developed by Elizabeth Sautter (speech therapist) & Dr. Rebecca Branstetter (school psychologist) to provide you with the support and guidance you need to help your child thrive socially and emotionally to meet their goals.


IF you could START and FINISH every day with confidence, and a feeling of connection with your child.

IF you could stop worrying and feeling overwhelmed... and know exactly how to set your child and family up for success.

IF you and your child could stop reacting to daily triggers... and have a smooth path to a mindful & joyful family you really want.

What is Make it Stick Parenting?

Make it Stick Parenting is a neuroscience-based online course and coaching program designed for parents raising neurodivergent kids. Led by Dr. Rebecca Branstetter, a school psychologist, and Elizabeth Sautter, a Speech Language Pathologist, this program empowers parents to create lasting positive changes in their child’s social-emotional and executive functioning development.

Over 50 (Combined:) Years In the Field

All Compiled Into One Course...

Get 8 Comprehensive Modules

Make it Stick Parenting Course

(Value $297)

Learn essential ingredients that lay the foundation for social-emotional learning to stick. No more “on the fly” parenting that causes stress! Let's nurture neurodiversity together!

Module 1

Empower Yourself and Your Child by Laying a Strong Foundation!

Parents will learn the essential ingredients to lay the foundation for social-emotional learning to really stick. We have a pathway to guide you and a journal to provide accountability and visuals. The WISE model gives you the wisdom and confidence to support your child and family along the way to more joy and ease. 

Module 2

Making Social-Emotional Learning Simple and a Superpower!

Stop searching the internet or reading a ton of  books searching for the “right” way to parent and support your child. Learn what executive functioning, social communication, and emotional regulation are–and see your child in a whole new light, celebrating their strengths and making parenting more enjoyable!

Module 3

Small Changes for Immediate and Lasting Impact

This module helps you make easy changes that spark positive interactions and learning. Learn how to the connect the “invisible dots” between your child’s 5 foundational needs and how that translates to positive behavior and engagement.

Module 4

Building Bonds and Bridges to Have a More Calm and Connected Family.

Do you feel like you and your child are riding an emotional rollercoaster? Ditch the meltdowns and discover the magic of connection! You’ll learn what to say and do in challenging moments and pro-tips for how to understand your child’s needs and behavior, giving you the tools to create lasting positive change.

Module 5

How to Set up Routines for Smooth Transitions and Interactions

Learn simple ways to boost engagement and reduce stress with daily morning, afternoon, homework, bedtime and other daily difficult transitions. We will show you how to create predictability and prime your child for what is coming ahead so that they can be more confidence and independent.

Module 6

Find Calm Together: Mindful Paths for You and Your Child

This module helps you and your child learn easy ways to reduce anxiety, emotionally regulate and pause before reacting so that interactions can be filled with mindful, connected, playful moments verses meltdowns and overreactions. Simple mindfulness games and activities can boost attention and create less frustration and more smiles in your whole family!

Module 7

Make it Simple, Make it Stick!

This module makes it super easy to help your child learn important developmental skills related to communication, regulation and starting and stoping tasks. We will break down big concepts and make a toolbox of practical and  fun activities that fit right into your everyday life.

Module 8

How to Turn Everyday Moments into Connected Growth Together

We will show you how to  embracing teachable moments to boost emotional intelligence, manage emotions, complete tasks, and have more meaningful relationships.  We are here to show you how to break through the stress of your busy day and nurture your child’s unique needs morning, noon and night.

Bonus Videos

Learn From Leading Experts

We crowdsourced leaders in the field to give their top parenting hacks for neurodiverse kids!

  • Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, expert in anxiety and ADHD 
  • Janine Halloran, expert in coping skills 
  • Sarah Ward, Executive Functioning Expert
  • Kelly Mahler, Self-Regulation Expert
  • Mercedes Samudio, Shame Proof Parenting Coach
  • Kristin Baisden, Positive Parenting Expert
  • Leah Kypers, Zones of Regulation Founder

If You are Ready To Get Make It Stick Parenting Course Today, I have 4 Special Bonuses For You...

Bonus #1

Get Make Social And Emotional Learning Stick – Digital Version

(Value $15)

A guide for busy parents to help your child.


This book has over 200 activities and suggestions that you can do with your child to… 

Plus, you’ll get “Words that Work” Positive Language phrases which will help you to communicate more effectively with your child, fostering deeper understanding and connection.

Bonus #2

You'll Get the Replay of Empower Listening & Learning Workshop

(Value $37)

If you are you looking for ways to support true engagement for your child or learner then this workshop replay is a must have.


This was a powerful workshop with expert Sarah Ward, that will change the way you support your child listening and learning potentials.

Bonus #3

Get Journal & Coloring Book

(Value $13)

The Connected Family Journal uses fun prompts to spark gratitude, mindfulness and open up positive conversations. It’s perfect for all ages and builds lasting memories together. ‍‍‍


The Positive Patterns Family Coloring Book is a calming activity for you and your child.  Coloring together reduces anxiety and boosts mental well-being, all while strengthening your bond.

Bonus #4

Group Coaching Call with Elizabeth Sautter

(Value $600)

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**One-time payment of $297 & get life time access**

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I understand that every child and every parent's journey is unique.

If, after trying the course or book for 30 days, you feel it doesn't fully meet your needs and isn't bringing the value you expected, I'm happy to offer a full refund, no questions asked.

I want you to feel confident and comfortable in your decision to invest in your child's social-emotional growth.

See What Other Parents & Educators Are Saying About The Course & The Book

Elizabeth has taken Make It Stick to the next level. This course is a guide for parents, teachers, and therapists who work with and care about children, providing key and effective strategies for building essential skills for life. Packed with even more information and strategies for helping kids learn the critical and foundational life skills of communication, self-regulation, compassion, and awareness 

– Dan Peters

I feel like we are on the right path, with a different, fresh strength based perspective! We can’t thank you enough. We learned so much and it was so practical. You are both so wise- knowledgeable and down to earth. Thank you for your passion to help families.

– Stephanie

I cannot recommend this program more highly! Make It Stick Parenting has taught me how to be present, and that being human (and not always being the mom I want to be) is OK! It is a gift to my children to let them see me doing it imperfectly and then offering repairs. To show them it’s all a learning process. It taught me tangible tools to use in my everyday parenting to make our relationship more connected…and that is PRICELESS.

– Isabelle B.

Elizabeth Sautter’s approach is music to any parent’s ears. In the second edition of “Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick,” parents are reminded to start with wisdom, intentionality, and self-care. And by keeping strategies simple, this practical gem guides you to build confidence for the whole family and reconnect to the joy of parenting.

– Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Elizabeth and Rebecca are incredible! They took so many sound and valuable resources that I have heard about, read or seen over the years and streamlined it together in this course. It was like a huge melting pot of strategies and research-based information about how the brain works and how people learn and organized it in a systemized, bite size ways to make it simple to absorb. The journal is practical and needed. It’s a reminder that we need to slow down and do this for ourselves. This is just what everyone needs, so thank you!

– Lexi

Hey I'm

Elizabeth Sautter, MA, CCC

Parenting is NOT easy!  I thought I had all the tools and training to be the best parent. Turns out, even trained professionals like myself can struggle when it comes to supporting our neurodivergent children to build social and emotional well-being. I spent years searching for “magic tricks,” but finally realized: it’s a journey, not a destination.

There are is no magic wand but there are proven strategies, mindsets and tools that can make the path much smoother.

And, you’re not alone! Many parents face similar challenges. That’s why I created resources, based on research and positive discipline, to equip you with practical solutions that work.

The truth? I’m not just teaching, I’m actively practicing it too! Parenting can be tough, but with “Make It Stick Parenting Course”, you can navigate the ups and downs with confidence. Let’s raise amazing humans together!

**One-time payment of $297 & get life time access**

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